Mission and strategy of the college

Mission: “Training of competitive workers and mid-level specialists who have a high level of theoretical and practical skills, have high personal qualities and are able to increase the level of production potential and the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the new world”.

The strategic plan for the development of the College defines the following goals:

  • creating conditions for the disclosure of spiritual, intellectual and physical capabilities of future specialists;
  • development and expansion of priority educational areas (opening of new specialties) of the College;
  • introduction of new educational programs developed on the basis of professional standards for the development of dual education;
  • improving the quality of professional training, taking into account the needs of the labor market and employers;
  • strengthening the material and technical base to implement the mission of the College;
  • ensuring the competitiveness of the Ural technological College “Service” at the national level.

To achieve the strategic goals, the following main directions and tasks are outlined:

  • Direction #1. Providing high-quality educational services, employment.. Goal: to Ensure the quality of educational services by competitive workers and specialists in the service sector;
  • Direction #2. Human resource development. Goal: Creating conditions for improving the professional competence of engineering and teaching staff, administrative and managerial personnel;
  • Direction #3. The development of infrastructure, logistics and digitalization. Goal: Reconstruction and strengthening of the material and technical base of the College, improvement of the quality management system, development of the information system and network infrastructure;
  • Direction #4. Development of social partnership. Goal: Updating the content of professional education in accordance with the current level of development of science and technology of professional activity, development of work programs.