Training classes with teachers and craftsmen UTK “Service”

In psychology there is such a concept as “professional burnout”. This syndrome is most characteristic of representatives of communicative professions, i.e., the professions of the system “man is a man.”

Representatives of the profession “Man – Man” from being intensive communication sooner or later feel the following symptoms: increased fatigue, reduced self-esteem, deterioration in health, etc. Thus, the personality protects itself from psychotrauming effects.

Professional burnout syndrome is the most dangerous professional disease of those who work with people: teachers, social workers, psychologists, managers, doctors, journalists, businessmen and politicians – all whose activities are impossible without communication. The people who are particularly susceptible to burnout are those people who have to “give” energy and heat of their soul to people. Big departure to the development of Pedagogues.

Purpose: Prevention of psychological sector of teachers, familiarization of teachers with receptions of self-regulation.