Methodological Council

On August 29, 2020, the Methodological Council was held. From among the members of the Council in an open vote by the Secretary was elected Bapanova J. O. On the first issue of the agenda, the Chairman of the Council Nurmukashova M. S. reported on the educational and methodological work done for the 2019-2020 academic year and received a satisfactory assessment. On the next issue, the floor was given to the chairmen of the subject-cycle commissions, who proposed to review and agree on working curricula, calendar and thematic plans, open lesson schedules, exam materials, and approve the individual plan of the teacher. Nurmukashova M. S. spoke about the state of training of certified teachers and discussion of the rules of certification of teachers. She told about the preparation of teachers for National qualification testing and that they took courses online, adding to the portfolio. In addition, in connection with the pandemic was not clearly established the time of passing the National qualification test. Regarding the organization of research work among teachers and students, MS Nurmukashova noted that last year our сollege took an active part in conferences and projects. This year we need to continue working in this direction. On the next issue, the floor was given to Methodist Gumarova a.m. this year, our team was replenished with young personnel, all of them were assigned mentors with extensive experience. It was proposed to discuss and approve the work plan of the school “Young teacher”. Following the results of the methodological meeting, recommendations and a resolution were adopted.  On November 27, 2020, the methodological Council was held. In order to assess students ‘ knowledge for the development and analysis of tests and other types of control, the chairmen of the subject cycle commissions presented materials for tests and exams of the winter session. The chairmen of the subject-cycle commissions presented the materials of tests and exams in the form of test tasks and other forms of control of students ‘ knowledge for examination;

The second issue was addressed by the Chairman of the Council Batyrgalieva A. B. since the beginning of the school year, teachers take part in events to improve their professional skills in an online format. 19 teachers of the College took part in the international online seminar on inclusive education, however, in the online format, teachers and students took part in international and national events and received diplomas, certificates, certificates. It was noted that some subject-cycle commissions are not active. Educational and methodical complexes and teaching AIDS were reviewed and sent for approval To the center for the development of education in the West Kazakhstan region. The Deputy heads of the College told about the progress of training and encouraged to take an active part in the ongoing work to prepare for the passage of institutional accreditation of the College. Current works are considered. Following the results of the methodological Council, recommendations and a resolution were adopted.