“Learn, learn, young specialist!”

Today, on the 17th of May there were  the closing of the week of young specialists “Learn, learn, young specialist!” in accordance with the plan of the educational and methodological department and the decade of the subject-methodical association of natural and mathematical subjects on the theme “Science serves life” at the Ural Technological College “Service”. Teachers and masters of industrial training and the 1st year students of the college took part in the events. The young specialists summed up the work done for the year and presented a report. During the event, students also showed activity and answered the questions of the cognitive quiz. Summing up the results of the event, the head of the college Iskalieva A.B. presented letters of thanks and awards to young professionals and students who took an active part in the decade. Director of the College Iskalieva A.B. wished the future young specialists creative success and good luck in their teaching activities.