General information

The purpose of the College’s methodological service is to Form common universal values for the harmonious development of the individual, improve the quality of education, using new innovative technologies for competitive training in College. Currently, the teaching staff is working on a single methodological theme-the Formation of professional competencies of teachers through the integration of new pedagogical and information technologies.Tasks of the methodological service:

  1. Work towards the implementation of the program” Spiritual revival ” of President Nursultan Nazarbayev.
  2. Improving the content of work in all areas through the development of professional competencies of teachers;
  3. Information and methodological support of the system of professional development of teachers;
  4. Introduction of new technologies and new forms of training in the educational process to improve the knowledge of teachers;
  5. Improving the form of work of methodical associations through creative seminars, exchange of experience, work of creative groups;
  6. Organization of innovative and research activities of teachers and students;
  7. Activation of work of young specialists and mentoring.

WorldSkills OSTK 2022” championship

Today on the 12the of May , on the basis of the college, the Winners of the intra-college championship “WorldSkills OSTK 2022” in the areas of “Cookery”, “Confectionery”, “Fashion Technologies”, “Hairdressing” were awarded with diplomas and diplomas of the head of the college Iskalieva A.B

We congratulate the winners and wish good luck in the upcoming regional championship!