Conferences, seminars

On February 14, 2022, the methodological department organized a training seminar with young specialists of our college on the topic “What problems did I encounter in my development as a young specialist and how did I solve them…”.

The aims: To increase the professional enthusiasm of a young specialist, inspire and cheer him up. Help young professionals to open up and express themselves to their colleagues;Facilitate the adaptation of young professionals to the feeling of being part of the teaching staff Remove barriers in communication and integration of participants. Creating an atmosphere of trust and respect. Teachers and masters of industrial training took part in the seminar.The training workshop provided young professionals with feedback on how to solve problems, how to improve their professional skills and what kind of help they need. Psychological and diagnostic tests were carried out with young specialists, the method “Munsterberg”, “Team building or 1 + 1 = 5”, “Balloons in a box”, “Glass tower”, “Overcoming obstacles”, games “From 1 to 30”, and in end with therapy (dance) is completed.All young specialists of our college took an active part in the training seminar, exchanged views and made suggestions. The head of the college, Aigul Bisenbaevna, gave advice to young professionals and wished them success in the future.