Certification of teachers

There were adopted a new national project “Quality education” “ Educated nation” in  Kazakhstan. One of the main tasks of projects are   the training of highly qualified competitive personals. But the qualified training is impossible without qualified personals.

The qualified category teacher are the main indicator of experience and professionalism. It is a recognition of the quality of professional activity.

Nowadays the teachers have the following categories according to the new certification format  in Uralsk Technological College “Service”:

Iskalyeva Aygul Bisenbayevna – The Head of the second category;

Mambetova Nadezhda Amangeldyevna – Deputy Head of the second category;

Zhinaleeva Dariga Salymovna – Deputy Head of the third category;

2 teachers- “the Master teachers”;

12 teachers – “the teacher-researchers”

9 teachers- “the teacher-moderators”

4 teachers – “the teacher- experts”

Thanks to the hard work, dedication and patience of each teacher, the college staff does notо stop on reaching there! The college staff is confidently moving forward and achieving new goals, overcoming all